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                First-class equipment, first-class production management system is essential for the production of high-tech products of high quality conditions, Wenzhou Rickey Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has the world's leading import processing equipment: Niigata, Japan machining centers, horizontal machining Cincinnati Center, Cincinnati CNC lathes, Germany MAHO Vertical & Horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, Horizontal, Italy, Germany and other high-precision gear hobbing planing trajectory advanced equipment. The company also has injection molding and Japanese SMT production lines and other ancillary processing equipment.
                All parts companies are in the technologically advanced CNC machining centers for processing and testing equipment using a high-precision coordinate measuring instrument, Paul the accuracy and consistency of parts, so as to achieve interchangeability. Electronic components used in all international brands of industrial products, electronic circuit boards all automatically generated in the company's senior patch welding production line, according to standardized modular design to achieve a high quality and high reliability, with excellent interchangeability, is the user's maintenance quick and easy